Battery Load Tester

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Digital Battery Load Tester / Charging System Analyzer


Application: 12V Battery, 12V Charging System
Operating Range: Up to 400 CCA
True Loading Capacity: 125Amp
Voltmeter: 0 to 15.0V
Test Type: Timed, auto shut off 125 Amp resistance load
Display: 3 character LED Display plus 3 LED indicators
Lead Set: 25″ / 64 cm – Special motorcycle battery terminal sized clamps
Dimensions: L:9.4″ (239mm), W:3.4″ (86mm), H:3.4″ (86mm)


  • Durable metal housing, easy to use, true 125A load test
  • Microprosessor controlled, automatically turns load off after 10 seconds and through special “test and hold” feature, holds under load voltage reading for comparison to test matrix on tester face
  • Touch button again for charging system voltage indication and comparison to matix on tester face
  • Reverse polarity indication, built in wall hanger