Motobatt Pro Lithium

What makes Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries different from other batteries?

Motobatt Pro Lithium-ion batteries are considered to be safe, non-flammable and non-hazardous:

Motobatt Pro Lithium-ion batteries could be smaller and lighter;

Motobatt Pro Lithium-ion have a higher voltage and hold a charge much longer than other types of batteries. It means that it have a lower self discharge rate than other types of rechargeable batteries, they are charged and will retain their charge for longer time than other types of rechargeable batteries.

What is Motobatt Pro Lithium P Series and HP Series

Motobatt Pro Lithium-ion batteries P Series Internal with balance system

Motobatt Pro Lithium-ion batteries P Series Internal with balance & protection system

Why Motobatt P/HP Series protection difference than others?

Motobatt Pro Lithium-ion batteries internal battery protection system is a high-tech innovative design made to protect the lithium cells.

Features include:

  • Internal Cell Balancing
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
Can I use Lead-Acid battery charger?

Motobatt Pro Lithium-ion batteries can be charged with any three stage battery charger (Constant Current/Constant Voltage) without a desulfation, winter or calcium Battery mode. Battery maintainers and any float mode on a three stage battery charger must be limited to 13.6V or less. At no time should the battery charger exceed the maximum amperage and voltage rating on the battery label. In some cases if your battery charger does not reach 14.4V – 14.6V during charging it may not fully top off the Motobatt Pro lithium batteries. If there is any uncertainties on charging with ordinary lead acid battery charger, please use PDCFB charger with lithium charging function.

Why recommended Motobatt PDCFB charger for the lithium?

To optimize battery life, a true lithium-ion battery charger is recommended. True lithium-ion battery chargers have special algorithms to handle lithium-ion batteries. They typically charge the battery differently when it is deeply discharged, rapid charge the battery when possible, and stop charging when the battery is fully charged to prevent over-charge. Motobatt PDCFB chargers are specially designed for this purpose.

How do I maintain the Motobatt Pro Lithium battery?
  1. Charge new batteries when first used.
  2. Use appropriate chargers to avoid over charging.
  3. Avoid contaminating metal contacts. All batteries’ contacts need to be kept clean for best performance.
  4. Avoid using often in extreme high or low temperature environments.
  5. Avoid long periods without using or recharging. If batteries will be left unused for 3 months or more, partially recharge them (to around 30-70% of capacity, depending on planned storage time), then store the device to prevent battery damage. You may need to take the device out of storage and charge again after a few months.
Can Motobatt Pro Lithium be mounted in any position, even upside down?

Yes, Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries can be mounted in any position, even upside down and take vibration. After you take out your old batteries, place Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries in the same way. You can use the same cables to reconnect into the Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries.

How long will the Motobatt Pro Lithium last?

The depth of discharge, the storage temperature and the ambient temperature during operation all work together to reduce the life of any lithium ion battery from its projected life span. For longest life do not charge the batteries when at the temperature extremes, either extreme cold or extreme heat. Motobatt Pro lithium batteries will provide you with up to 1000 complete charge and discharge cycles at 80% DOD. After 1000 cycles, you will still have over 80% of usable energy left.

What is the working temperature for Motobatt Pro Lithium?

Charging : 0°C to +45°C
Discharging : -15°C to +60°C

Motobatt Battery Charger

Are "Smart" MAINTAINERS of simple "Trickle" CHARGERS required for PowerSports battery applications?

Yes, because of the way PowerSports vehicles are generally used, they require the twofold benefits of a “smart” microprocessor controlled CHARGER and MAINTAINER to charge and maintain the battery at all times during non-use is best; and for possible periods of long inactivity, and/or for offsetting any parasitic loads (vehicle computers, clocks, alarms, etc). This will extend the life of your battery and keep your battery maintained at a full charge safely, and always ready for use.

What should be used to charge or maintain modern AGM batteries?

Smart chargers are required for use on all AGM or GEL batteries. Sealed Valve Regulated batteries (AGM and Gel) may be damaged or dried out and ruined if they are overcharged. The damage that can be caused by improper charging becomes permanent and gets worse over time. All major PowerSports vehicle manufacturers now use AGM batteries from the factory. The correct way to charge or maintain these AGM batteries is with a smart charger, and with its exclusive 9 step algorithm technology MOTOBATT is the best option.

What can happen if a manual or "non-smart" charger is used on a AGM or GEL battery?

Bottom line is manual chargers are NOT suitable for AGM or GEL batteries. Unless monitored constantly they may cause overcharging from too high constant voltage, which is the cause of swelling of the battery case in AGM and GEL batteries during charging (a faulty charging system may also cause overcharging and subsequent swelling of the battery case). Note this is NOT a valid warranty claim on any GEL or AGM battery. The message is simple, use a suitable Motobatt smart charger with all lead acid batteries, especially AGM and GEL batteries.

Which Motobatt Maintainer for which size battery?

Matching a MOTOBATT CHARGER AND MAINTAINER with battery capacity is not required, as voltage and amperage are constantly monitored, and reduced or increased by the unique Motobatt 9 stage charging and maintenance process. However you may wish to choose a MOTOBATT CHARGER AND MAINTAINER to suit your budget or your performance requirements.

MOTOBATT models: Little Boy, Water Boy, Fat Boy, Dual bank and Four bank are a microprocessor controlled “Charger and Maintainer” in one unit, and enable a regular consumer without battery knowledge to properly charge and maintain any lead acid battery safely.

MOTOBATT models: Baby Boy Charger will charge 6 or 12V Power Sports batteries to full charge then move into automatic maintenance mode and monitor the battery for potential need for additional charge. The Baby Boy Charger is not designed to charge a large dead flat or sulphated battery.

Lithium Battery Charging

Lithium Cranking batteries are a new technology battery controlled by a microprocessor. They are not like a lead acid battery at all and they require a controlled charge rate with no DE sulphation phase or boost charge function so as not to damage the control board. Motobatt has released the PDCFB Fat Boy Lithium charger, which will charge any lead acid battery and in addition Lithium batteries. For slow charging and maintenance you can also use the MBCBABY Motobatt Baby Boy charger since it has no DE sulphating mode.

Can Motobatt Maintainers be used on automotive and marine batteries?

Yes, Motobatt Charger/Maintainers (models Little Boy, Water Boy, Fat Boy, Dual Bank and Four Bank) are suitable for use on all domestic lead acid batteries, including automotive and marine. Fat Boy model and up are of higher specification and will provide subsequent greater performance on larger batteries.

Motobatt Battery Tester

What is the MB-VM tester designed to be used for?

The MB-VM is simple and inexpensive voltmeter that shows the open circuit state of charge of a battery in the form of % of charge. When used with the engine is started it will also indicate overcharge voltage going to the battery with the “bad” indicator light and passing charge voltage with the “good” indicator light. Another cool part about the meter is that it can be used to remotely test the battery, without actual access to the battery by inserting the probes (in the fixed position) into the battery charge / maintenance lead and if the battery is accessible or on the workbench you can remove the negative lead from its fixed position and test the battery at each terminal location. It’s a great tool for every dealership counterperson in a dealership or any consumer.

Does MotoBatt have an actual resistance load tester available?

Yes, The MotoBatt part 14 MBT is an inexpensive tester uniquely designed specifically for the PowerSports
market and is a great blend of a newer digital microprocessor controlled meter with the old tried and true fixed
resistance load tester. It actually loads the battery to simulate the resistance of a starter load on the battery and
allows you to compare the result to your batteries rating on a matrix on the face of the tester to determine final
results. By using the unique performance matrix on the face of the tester you will dramatically increase the
accuracy of this fixed load tester. It also enables you to test your starter and alternator output using the pass/fail
information found on the right of the voltage screen.

Why would I want to test my battery if it is still starting my bike?

The reason behind any type of ongoing battery maintenance whether its charge or testing related is all about YOU. There is always the time when your battery will become worn out or you’re starting / charging system will fail. With tools available from MotoBatt, ongoing maintenance is simple and it will help to find problems prior to a no-start situation and ensure that you will be able to ride when YOU want and not be held hostage by a failure. Keeping your battery on charge at all times through a simple battery maintenance lead and testing the battery periodically will help you to keep riding and out of the shop.

Can any of the testers available from MotoBatt test a discharged battery?

Yes, all of the electronic testers available from MotoBatt (MBMini, MBPro and MBProPLUS) can test discharged batteries. As you might imagine when trouble arises with a no-start situation the battery is usually discharged; when testing with standard load based testers the battery must be charged to give an accurate test. Through use of an electronic type of tester you can test your discharged battery to determine if the battery is simply discharged or bad and needs to be replaced. This family of testers will also do a more invasive starting and charging system test to help spot problems before they “spot” you.

Can my battery be tested and charged through the same remote charging lead?

Well…yes and no…. simple voltage testing — Yes. But for advanced testing; due to the need for very a uniform amount of resistance required on the input and output side of the test circuit, the standard charge maintenance lead cannot be used for testing anything outside of open circuit voltage.

Does MotoBatt have a Tester that prints out test results for attachment to a work order?

Yes, the MotoBatt MBproPLUS is our best tester. It prints all results and tests PowerSports batteries, automotive and commercial batteries alike.

What MotoBatt testers are the best Consumer based units and which are the best for Shop use?

The MB-VM, MBT and MBMini are all 12V only testers and are your best for consumer testers and should be in a dealer stock. The MBPro would be a high end consumer unit (and can test 6V batteries). For a shop the MBT, MBPro and/or MBProPLUS are a must.