Motobatt Pro Lithium

Lithium batteries are recommended for professional or competitive use, since the outstanding advantages are high cold starting power (AC) and its low weight (up to 5 times lower compared to lead / acid batteries) Motobatt Pro-Lithium series uses Quadflex technology, which allows us to replace more than 92 JIS units with just 9 references.

Motobatt Pro-Lithium P-Series includes a cell balancing circuit (CBC) used to optimize the voltage of each cell, providing maximum output power, rendering it more, it is safer and more powerful. The Pro-Lithium HP-Series also includes a protection circuit (PCB) against overload, discharge and temperature.


  • Performance. With Cell Balancer Circuit (CBC) board which optimize each cell voltage to the maximum output.
  • Ultra light. Up to 5 times lighter comparing to Lead Acid.
  • Fast charge. Only 6 minutes it takes to charge 90%.
  • Safe. Most safe chemistry available.
  • Longer life. More than 5 years normally, or more than 200 cycle life.
  • Maintenance free. No need any maintenance, low self-discharge.