Motobatt QuadFlex

“Cover 238 part numbers with 38 Motobatt batteries”

Motobatt Quadflex is an AGM (Absorbed Glass mat) battery, the first and unique 4-terminal patented system, thanks to this cover 238 OE part numbers with just 38 Motobatt batteries, offering up to 30% more power compared to other batteries.

Motobatt Quadflex propose the best balance between AH and CCA, thanks to the maximum size of the plates, with the same external dimensions, use the internal space wasted by conventional batteries, thanks to this innovative system of connection between cells patented worldwide, also increases the thickness of the network, the density of the paste and the weight of active material to obtain the maximum capacity allowed by size, thus completely changing the Powersport market.


  • Cover the majority of market applications
  • Increase inventory turns and battery freshness
  • Increase application coverage with fewer batteries
  • Save time – No activation required
  • Safer work environment – No acid to deal with
  • Increase sales
  • Increase operating profits
  • A premium sealed AGM battery at a sensible price