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Charger and maintainer of AGM and GEL sealed batteries. This Motobatt charger performs 3 stages of charging and maintenance algorithm.

Part number: MBCBABY
6V/12V selectable 500mA


  • 6v and 12V Switch Selectable
  • 3 Steps Fully Automatic Charger
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Overload/Short Circuit Protection
  • Spark Proof
  • Maintains full charge

Application: 6V / 12V Batteries, suits all AGM, Lead Acid, Calcium, and Gel batteries
Input: Auto-switching 100-240VAC-50 / 60Hz
Output: Select 6V/12VDC 500mA
Max Charge Current: 500mA
Max Voltage: 7.5V (6V Battery), 14.7V (12V Battery)
Battery Capacity: Charging – 2 to 20Ah, Maintenance – up to 50 Ah