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Maintainer of up to 12 batteries at the same time, essential to always keep our batteries fresh and ready for sale; It can be fixed to the wall and it can also be installed in our 2 types of racks BATRACK12 MB-RACK, both can hold up to 12 batteries. It is ideal for dealers and it can be used as a marketing tool.

Part number: MBC12B


  • Black Heavy Duty Steel Supports and Shelves
  • “Quick-Set” Rack sets up in less than 60 seconds without tools!
  • Display Header Card Bracket Included for Customer’s Brand Display Card
  • Keeps any Lead Acid Battery Type Fresh, Fully Charged and Ready for installation at all times
  • Versatile – Mounts on Wall or on Battery Storage Rack using available brackets
  • Maintains 12 Batteries at a time
  • Smart Charger – Will Maintain Batteries indefinitely
  • Will NOT Over-Charge